Mosquito Control Fairhope Alabama

Protecting Your Family From Diseases Related to Mosquitoes


Diseases such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya have made protection from mosquito bites a real priority for people in humid, mosquito-prone climates, and for good reason.  The Zika virus can cause rash, fever, and joint pain, but is notorious for its potential to cause birth defects in infants born from women infected by the virus during pregnancy.  Dengue symptoms, though mild, can quickly escalate and even become fatal.  Chikungunya can result in debilitating joint pain, and, though rarely, can be fatal.

Daphne Alabama, Spanish Fort, Alabama, and Fairhope Alabama, Alabama cities located on the Gulf Coast, are particularly susceptible to mosquito-born diseases.  The region’s hot, humid, and rainy climate is ideal for the robust mosquito population, leaving residents in constant danger of exposure to mosquito bites.

Here are a few ways that residents from Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Fairhope, Alabama and other residents of the Gulf Coast can protect themselves from diseases related to mosquitoes.

Use Mosquito Barrier Sprays

Mosquito barrier sprays offer your home an extended amount of protection by attacking your mosquito problem in two ways: they kill the adult mosquitoes and they repel new mosquitoes from invading the area. The sprays are made with insecticides that kill adult mosquitoes on contact. The repellent comes from an odor undetectable by humans, but reviled by mosquitoes.

Invest in Home Pest Control

Since mosquitoes can carry extremely dangerous diseases, it is important to take every measure available to you to avoid infestation.  Allow experts to assess your property and determine the best method of attack.  A pest control service can identify the areas on your property that may be breeding grounds for the insect in addition to locations where the mosquitoes may rest.  They can provide you with expert advice on how to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home and how to manage your property to reduce your risk of mosquito infestation.  Finally, a home pest control service will come equipped with any chemical products needed to eliminate a particularly troubling mosquito infestation.  If anyone in your family is pregnant, it is extremely important for you to solicit the advice of a professional in this field.  Given the potential consequences of Zika, it isn’t worth the risk not to.

Use Insect Repellant

If you are going to spend any time outside, you should use insect repellant to protect yourself from mosquitoes.  Carefully follow the instructions, especially as they differ for infants and children.  You will have the most long-lasting protection from mosquitoes if the repellant you use has higher percentages of the following active ingredients: DEET, Picaridin (KBR 3023/icaridin), IR3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or para-mentane-diol (PMD), and 2-undecanone.  While natural insect repellants may seem more appealing, their effectiveness against mosquito-born diseases have not been proven.