Coastal Mosquito & Pest is a full service pest control company, offering solutions for nearly every type of pest in Alabama. But one of our specialties is mosquito control. That’s because mosquitoes are a very common problem in the Daphne/Mobile/Fairhope/Spanish Fort areas.

During peak season, the number of mosquitoes can be like walking over a minefield, putting you and your family at risk for serious diseases – and at minimum causing itchy and uncomfortable bites that ruin your family’s good time.

Our Mosquito Control Services | Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Mobile, AL

Mosquitoes tend to thrive here in Mobile and Baldwin County. That’s why we use mosquito management solutions that keep these mosquitoes from affecting you and your family. Our services include:

  • Recurring Mosquito Treatments – Every few weeks, we’ll come to your home and spray your front and backyard for mosquitoes, as well as examine the property for any breeding areas and dispose of them accordingly. Outdoor treatments need regular upkeep and maintenance, which is why we’ll be there regularly to continue to treat your property all throughout the year.
  • One Time Special Event Treatments – Not everyone is willing or able to commit to regular pest control. But those that have a special event coming up often do not want that event to be ruined by mosquitoes and other biting pests. That’s why we provide special event treatments as well. We’ll eliminate all current mosquitoes (and other pests) on your property so that you can enjoy your outdoor celebration without worrying about bites.

We also recommend you talk to your neighbors as well, because while we can eliminate pests on your property, it is also a good idea to see if they’re willing to eliminate mosquitoes on theirs as well in order to prevent stray fliers from maneuvering over to your yard.

Our Affordable Mosquito Management Solutions in Alabama

There are many big corporations that handle mosquito control. But we know that you want to work with a local, trusted mosquito control company that kills mosquitoes effectively, and is ready to create a relationship with you to address all of your pest control related needs.

If you’re ready to get started and keep your property safe from mosquitoes, or you’d like to talk to us about a quote, please call us today at 251.401.5058. We are passionate about pest control, and happy to talk to you about your mosquito related concerns.


Managing mosquitoes is an ongoing process, and treatments every 3 weeks are recommended to control your mosquito population. You should also keep your grass short, and any bushes and trees trimmed – the more sunlight in your yard, the better.