Mosquito Control

Coastal Mosquito & Pest specializes in mosquito control services in Baldwin and Mobile County, protecting you from bites and disease. Find out more.

Roach Extermination

Cockroaches are a common problem in the South. Let Coastal Mosquito & Pest provide thorough and affordable cockroach control services.

Ant Control

For those that find ants invading their property, let Coastal Mosquito & Pest eliminate ants and keep them out all throughout the year.

Special Event Services

Coastal Mosquito & Pest can also provide you with special event pest control. Perfect for holidays, outdoor barbecues, and weddings.


Coastal Mosquito & Pest is a local Alabama pest control company serving areas like Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Mobile. We specialize in both mosquito control and quarterly pest control and prevention, treating pests such as American and German cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, rats, mice and more. If you have a pest problem in AL, please call us today at 251.401.5058.

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We eliminate all breeding areas, treat them with an effective larvicide, and provide effective solutions that last as long as 3 weeks or more.

We can safely and effectively treat your yard with sprays and baits to eliminate pest problems, all in ways that are safe for your family and pets.

We can evaluate your home for entrance areas, eliminate any pests we find, and take effective measures to prevent new pests from invading.

We identify and eliminate entryways, and provide effective solutions that exterminate rodents and keep them from breeding on your property.

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My experience with Coastal Mosquito & Pest was by far better than I had hoped for. Living close to a wooded and marshy area, we were constantly having to deal with pesky insects including mosquitoes. We called, they came, and the pests were gone. Simple as that. I highly recommend Coastal Mosquito & Pest for any issues you may have with pests.

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